WORK: exhibition design
TEAM: Guglielmo Renzi, Barbara Fontana, Valentina Certini, Nicola Spalanzino, Paola Cavicchioli

The stand looks like a truncated pyramid volume, interrupted along its perimeter by an illuminated blue plexiglass strip that winds and surrounds the perimeter as a gift ribbon. Above the strip, the form continues and it becomes thinner because the material is a white illuminated canvas. There are two entrances, with the reception desk between them. The side walls are not linear and instead are slightly tilted in order to give the impression that everything is falling - this is what the space looks like at first sight. Inside, everything becomes clear and calm: a corridor runs the perimeter of the room as if it were a museum. In the center there is a lounge bar that simulates a private club on a skyscraper rooftop.