WORK: aristocratic handicrafts

TEAM: Guglielmo Renzi, Barbara Fontana


For years we have designed and created objects that were only made to accompany the existence of people. These objects are innocuous but important domestic presences that follow the story of some moments in life, things that are often unnecessary but no less essential to our daily lives.

We have worked for a long time next to craftsmen and for this reason we have better understood why a handmade object, beyond having a soul, has a value that is not comparable with an industrial product.

The selection we have chosen is only a small part of the objects that we have designed over time.

These objects are designed thanks to friends’ suggestions or they are parts of a more important major project or otherwise they are pieces of some works in progress. We love the word “aristocratic” as a mental condition that makes us prefer these objects to the Barbarian invasions of contemporary DESIGN.


...regarding possible similarities between humans and animals, Aristotle indicates the key to identify the essential qualities of both. Today even more striking are the extraordinary similarities between the “character” of animals and the formal aspect of design objects we are surrounded with and that become a gallery of backwards mirrors where, with a little bit of imagination, we can recognize weaknesses, aspirations and the vanity of men…

2017, Guglielmo Renzi
Aristocratic craftsmanship in the new millennium
Elzeviri Publishing, Firenze