WORK: architecture, interior design, landscaping
TEAM: Guglielmo Renzi, Barbara Fontana, Paola Cavicchioli, Nicola Spalanzino, Valentina Certini
(Tree in wrought iron by Davide Manfredini)

We approached this project with particular care and attention because the initial conditions could not have been more interesting and at the same time more demanding.Within a large park that borders the headquarters of an Emilian ceramic tile company the realization of a pavilion that will be used as a corporate exhibition hall or alternatively as a meeting room for managers has been planned. The first phase of the work has been done and it is the path through the park to reach the building that will be realized, entirely constructed with window glass walls and a green roof. The idea was to raise the grassy ground, as one would lift a carpet, to accommodate the glass building.