WORK: holy ornaments
TEAM: Guglielmo Renzi, Tullio Leggeri, Stefano Arienti, Mario Airò.

We are in a small town in Brembana Valley, North of Bergamo. The work was undertaken thanks to the nudging of a priest who, wanting a liturgical renovation of his church, invited architect friends to draw up a project. The plain church is attributed to the early work of a great architect of the fourteen century who signed important buildings in Venice, Mauro Condussi. There is an altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto depicting the Madonna with the Saints inside. The artistic path has been long and interesting; we have worked calmly. Firstly, we created a wooden prototype of the project in real scale. Successively, we involved two talented artists, Stefano Arienti and Mario Airò, and the work became more challenging due to continuous comparisons and friendly discussions. But in the end the outcome was extraordinary.