The team has carried out research, study, and work around issues that concern projects for architecture, art, and industry for years. It consists of four professional figures:

Guglielmo Renzi         

Barbara Fontana        

Valentina Certini       

Silvia Balloni 


In the early 90s, we founded the studio in Florence. Over the years, thanks to our passion and dedication, we have completed important works for public institutions and private clients.

We constantly deal with different scale projects, from residential architecture to hotels, from shops to exhibitions, from the gardens to the site-specific.

These changes of scale allow us to reinvent ourselves every time. Knowing that every place and every project has a different meaning, we remain faithful to the philosophy of the studio that always expresses attention to details, materials, and quality of the results.

Our team regularly collaborates with sector consultants in order to support and enrich the result of each interdisciplinary work.

We always pay attention to the art world and its evolution, also thanks to an ongoing discussion with artist friends who inspire us.

Among others, our studio has participated in Documenta 8 in Kassel, within the design section, and the Biennal Venice Festival in 2014.


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