WORK: architecture, interior design, landscaping
TEAM: Guglielmo Renzi, Barbara Fontana, Paola Cavicchioli, Valentina Certini, Raul Romiti, Marcella Minelli.

The work is located in a green private outdoor space, with abundant tall ornamental trees and known in the area for its important historic villa. All around, the space that once was the Modena countryside now appears as a confused group of almost identical industrial warehouses. The project is influenced by the desire for contemplation and idleness that the park suggests. The well-pruned flowerbeds, the yew with its regular geometry, and the poplars stretching toward the sky all surround the edges and become important landmarks. The architecture takes possession of those elements and the surrounding nature becomes part of the project. Outside, the two simple pavilions are fully glazed and covered with shading screens made of teak, referring to the Japanese shoji model. Both volumes are "pierced" by pre-existing trees, which are incorporated in the structures, and held together by a glazed corridor as connection. They are made structurally with steel, prefabricated, and set up in just a few weeks.